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Monty has carved out a real name for himself in the drum and bass scene. Hailing from Toulouse in France, he has become renowned for his fast-paced sounds that display cutting-edge skills.

Bringing a fresh spin to the genre, the artist’s success has led to him being nominated for two years in a row for Best Newcomer at the Drum and Bass arena awards. 

His latest release, the Blinded EP is his fourth solo EP on the label which includes collaborations with his fellow Toulouse 1985 family as well as with long-time co-conspirator Alex Piriz. The artist’s iconic signature is particularly strong on this EP which showcases Monty’s diversity in drum and bass. 

Monty has plenty to bring to the d’n’b music scene, with his spellbound music that fits perfectly with Alex Piriz’s label. Keen to learn more about the artist? Here are 5 facts you didn’t know about the artist…



1. Music Runs In His family

Music has been a big part of Monty’s life for as long as he can remember. His family have always been musically oriented with his dad playing guitar and piano as part of a jazz band before his birth. His brother is said to have had an influence, as he too played the drums in a metal band. Monty says that hearing his brother play was the first time he truly ‘felt’ music. His brother’s band used to rock up at his home and the entire house would shake. While super young at the time, he wanted to get involved in music from that period onwards. He soon began learning how to play the guitar and later the bass guitar entirely independently.

2. His Love For Drum And Bass Originated At Le Bikini Club, Toulouse

The first drum and bass party that Monty attended was at the legendary Le Bikini Club in Toulouse back in 2012. The Dirty Dancing party organised by SKS (Vandal Records) had a line-up featuring Break, Cyantific, The Others, Generic and the Vandal Crew. Describing the experience as incredible, Monty was hooked on d’n’b from this moment and he knew he needed to get involved in producing music for the scene. 

3. Le Bikini Club Is His Favourite Spot To Play

Unsurprisingly, Monty’s roots lie firmly with the club. It’s now his favourite venue to play. His best set featured a line-up with Signs, Redpill, SKS, Redeyes, Trail and some other local artists who were a big inspiration to him. He describes the drum and bass scene in Toulous as “having a very exciting vibe”. 

4. He Enjoys Sampling Animals

Monty loves getting experimental with his music and he purposefully delves into the weirdest sounds he can find. He has sampled dogs, though you can’t really hear them in any of his tracks. He describes the process as destroying the original sound, applying filters and creating new unique noises. In his Critical Binary EP the track Breathe In The Frequencies, a dog is sampled.

5. He Loves A Good Cuppa

He claims no to have any particular studio habits but has told that he needs a cup of tea in the morning or nothing happens. If he can, he’ll pair it with a slice of peanut butter on toast occasionally marmite too. 

If you want to get your hands on Monty’s Blinded EP, you can find here in our store.