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Ivory puzzle (dom and roland productions vinyl)

dom & roland productions

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Weight: 200g

reduced for black friday!

* dom & roland’s label has gone from strength to strength from its conception in 2006. featuring collaborations by dom with other artists such as noisia, hive and amon tobin the label has continued to push sonic boundaries whilst staying true to it’s ethos of “not selling out”. it is currently in a “dubs from the dungeons” phase releasing sought after unreleased music from the 90’s from various accomplished artists every month on limited edition gold vinyl.  

* ivory puzzle – dj krust  a straight up banger from dj krusts "cloaking" bass era. like many tracks from the time, it's working simplicity was it's defining factor. a very hooky arpeggiated intro and breakdown and an unrelenting drum and bass workout, the track steps up a gear getting more intense every sixteen bars taking the dance floor on the musical equivalent of a nitro fuelled sprint down a drag strip.  

*flip it – dj krust  a futuristic roller with sampled funk breakbeats reminiscent of "true stories" and "soul in motion". like many of the krust and full cycle releases this was a tune screaming to be mixed with others, it's unexpected drum edits and fx popping in and out making it impossible to tell when one tune ended and another began. the resonating b-line always sounded huge on a rig and paved the way for a myriad of future generations of bass ideas. quite a rare tune, only krust, die and bryan g had this on dubplate.  * dj play:  fabio, bryan g, dj die, jumping jack frost, grooverider, peshay, loxy, andy c, break, fierce, doc scott, dbridge, goldie, ant tc1, gridlok, marcus intalex, sb81, ulterior motive, noisia.  * radio play: radio 1, radio 1xtra , nrg, noisia radio, many other radio stations around the world.   

tracklist: a. ivory puzzle  aa. flip it                            

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