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Biting Tongues - Clear Your Screens

The Wormhole

  • £9.88
RELEASE DATE 10th Jul 2020
Genres - Alternative/Punk

Track Listing
1. First Use All the Gs (Moon Landing)
2. Evening State (ICA)
3. Iyahbhoone (Plan K)
4. The Reflector (Shunt Vaults 2)
5. Denture Beach (Moon Landing)
6. Glorious Stranger (Moon Landing)
7. Heart Disease (Shunt Vaults 1)
8. Where the Birdlands (Moon Landing)
9. Unhook That Boy (Islington Mill)
10. Everywhere but Here (ICA)
11. Aair Care (Islington Mill)
12. When It Breaks on You (Islington Mill)

Clear Your Screens is a series of battle re-enactments from Manchester's least celebrated post-punk group Biting Tongues. Their tritone tribalism, mixed with intense language flow and layers of tape concrète was perhaps a bit too much for the early 1980s when they released records with New Hormones, Factory and Beggars Banquet.

Always an astonishing experience live, the classic early line-up returned to the stage near the start of the 21st century with the musical and performance experience accumulated over another twenty years working apart. Applying modern digital mixing techniques ten years later to these live recordings reveals the rare blood chemistry of a team of specialists who have only grown more passionate over time.

Surely a worthy part the 20th century musical canon even if they have handed in their homework late.

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