Footloose: dangerous 2-stepper with a tribalistic tendency. Snappy beats, fat bass and a vocal sample that is recognisable in any mix. This tune  demonstrates how simplicity can sometimes be the best source of dancefloor funk. 
Throw Back: Throw Back provides the ultimate turnaround; as Lush, warm pads kick this tune off, a false sense of calm is broken apart by a stepping, disjointed beat. Delayed fx and distorted reeses fluctuate in and out adding the raw vibe that amoss are known for. 
Secondary: providing the heavier edge to the ep, secondary pushes forward with a stomping beat. Distorted bass filters underneath as a dubbed out vocal echoes overhead. 
Astrodome: entering the void of the strange and weird, astrodome is the dark-side of amoss' spectrum. Clunking beats paired with a drone like bass sit amongst a textural array of atmospherics with the inclusion of some amen theatrics.
*  Support from: Sabre, Lynx, Doc scott, Optiv, Presha, amongst many more

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