Swim (Commercial suicide CD)

Joe Moses aka Need For Mirrors hardly needs introduction. A veteran of the Drum & Bass world he has released far and wide across the entire spectrum of D&B imprints, including his own label Zoltar, V Recordings, Symmetry, Samurai, Metalheadz, Hospital, Spearhead and Commercial Suicide. 
This is Joe's debut long player and his second release on Commercial Suicide. The Need For Mirrors sound has many different colours as Joe is no stranger to exploration and experimentation and through many lengthy discussions the parameters were set and a vision came together for a journey through harmonic techno soul, visiting the heartlands of Chicago, Detroit and Berlin in equal measures.
Support from Doc Scott, Fabio, Digital, Marky, Bryan G, Klute, Dj Lee, Spectrasoul, LSB.
Catalog: SUICIDECD019
Label: Commercial Suicide
Format: CD
Title: Swim LP
Released:23rd of November 2018 (please preorder)

Track Listing

1. Mother Maiden Crone
2. Pegasus
3. 93 Feet
4. Tresor
5. Tribulations
6. Pivot
7. Oval 05:33
8. Visibile In The Invisible
9. Nekkid
10. Paradise Snare
11. Miranda