Spiritual value EP (Horizons Vinyl)

Support from John B, A-sides, Tony Colman aka London Elektricity, TC, LTJ Bukem, Klute,
Kenny Ken, Dcoc Scott, DJ Aphrodite, DJ Marky.
Horizons Music have time and time again upheld their ethos. This is something which is becoming abundantly
clear with each release. Their mission statement is to deliver only the best, most versatile and dynamic pieces
of static artwork and to ensure they line the sets of artists from every DJ type. It’s impossible not to become
entrenched within their discography, every part of it as spectacularly moulded as the next. And it’s the artists
they hand pick for their roster which makes their music so especially perfect for late night rendezvous on the
Villem & Mcleod, two artists whose synergy is apparent from each release they’ve put out together. It’s an
energy which is about to take the helm once again; throughout the next three tracks Horizons Music will
further lodge itself within your musical subconscious.
‘Wonderful’ opens the EP with an intricately written intro, including lofty piano notes and shaking percussion.
With a bassline that quivers and flutes which add to its waif-like atmospherics, prepare to be taken into the
sound of Villem and Mcleod. However, the light has a darker side, and you’re quickly plunged into a low
frequency distortion of bass. Female vocals add yet another shade, dicing up the segments and presenting a
huge colour palette of sound.
‘Spiritual Value’ and ‘Mystic Ritual’ both give a valuable insight into the minds of Villem & Mcleod, but channel
their own vibe individually. ‘Spiritual Value’ bleats through elongated note arpeggios and precarious samples of
speech. But as always, they take you down a murkier path and drop the level two or three notches below zero.
Following this up, ‘Mystic Ritual’ switches up a notch, this time not leaving you guessing and firing you synapses
first through a chasm of plucky strings and carefully laid out pads. Drums push through the mix giving it an
edgier feel, whilst vocals are utilised to soften the blow. The drop, although slightly less illusive, still catches you
off guard. You find yourself brought forward on a jazzy riddim, one that’ll take you into the darkest nights of any
Horizons present a package of three delights. Three delights which are here compliment the record collections
of any drum & bass fan.

Track Listing

spiritual value
mystic ritual