Pony (Foxy Jangle Vinyl)

Artist: Tim Reaper
12": Pony / Fridge Magnets
Label: Foxy Jangle
Following a smasher from Sully earlier in the year, Foxy Jangle returns with two more blistering jungle anthems from Tim Reaper, featuring a collab with legendary producer, Sonar's Ghost.
Support from Sully, Coco Bryce, Deadman's Chest, Repertoire Records, Etch and loads more
Original artwork by Dublin graff artist Cisto.
"Oh quality" (Dead Man's Chest, Western Lore)
"Oof ruff as you like." (Sully, Keysound, Uncertain Hour)
"This is f****** amazing" (Etch, Altered Roads, Bun the Grid)
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Track Listing

Fridge Magnets