Point of Origin [4 x 12" Bundle] (AKO BEATZ vinyl)

AKO Beatz - Point of Origin [4 x 12" Bundle]
Label: AKO Beatz
Cat No: AKOLP001
Format: 4 x 12" Bundle (w/ stickers, CD & Poster)
Genre: Jungle / Drum & Bass
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Track Listing

a1. Jem-One - All I Need
a2. Headgear - Troubled Lion
b1. Double O - Regions
b2. Stretch - Fields of Voices
c1. Sobotka - Keep Your Foes Confused
c2. Kyam - Home Time
d1. Mantra x Gremlinz - Under the Wire
d2. Tek9 - Who Does This?
e1. The Guyver meets Threshold - Pain (JEDI HIFI Remix)
e2. Tim Reaper - Redux
f1. Skitty - Get Away
f2. Prophets of Soul - Young Sinners (Street Crime) Element 4
g1. Enjoy - Criticize
g2. Alpha Omega - Atmosphere
h1. Equinox - Feelin' You
h2. Threshold - Bad Nah Bloodclart (Theory Remix)