Manifest LP (Vision Recordings Vinyl)

Catalog:VSN035 Label:Vision Recordings 

Title:Manifest [Solid White Vinyl / Gatefold / Incl. Download Cards] Artist:Mefjus Style:Drum n Bass

CD version is here

This new album is the product of a 2 year process. The LP reflects what I love about the diversity of drum & bass and all its sub genres as well as what I enjoy playing at clubs and festivals. It was crucial to me that this new chapter was a step up in content, sound design and song writing which influenced the decision to include only solo material and even master it myself. Manifest is Mefjus 2.0 Martin
Comes with a download card for the full album in 320 kbps MP3.

Track Listing

A1 Manifest
A2 Fractured
A3 If I Could
A4 Physically
A5 Ringshifter
B1 Sinkhole
B2 Together
B3 Work It
B4 Sleazebag
C1 Pivot
C2 Uneasy
C3 Sizzle Fizzle
C4 Assembler
D1 Divergence
D2 Muskox
D3 Volition
D4 The Sirens