Jumpsuit EP (1985 vinyl)

Halogenix - Jumpsuit EP
a1. Halogenix x Alix Perez - Broken
a2. Halogenix - The Night ft. Solah
b1. Halogenix - Reset
b2. Halogenix - Jumpsuit
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Proudly presenting the ‘Jumpsuit’ EP from Halogenix. This is a diverse collection of elegant music that could only be expected from of the most important producers in the genre. Halogenix is a founding member of Ivy Lab, and their label 20/20 LDN Recordings label.
This is a dynamic and varied EP that bears the undeniable Halogenix signature throughout.
supported by Jubei, Friction, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez

Track Listing

The Night ft. Solah