Hold On (Arctic Vinyl)

Alaska - Hold On / Vortex
Label: Arctic Music
Cat No: AM013
Format: 12" Vinyl Full Artwork Sleeve
Alaska is back with a new plate brimming with funk and emotion housed in a colour art jacket.
‘Hold On’ skips with a breakbeat packing punch to pierce any sound system with its bottom-end grit. Rhode stabs, chords and searing horns rise to vocal hooks that drop halfway in the mix. Simply Hold on.
On the flipside a classic from 1997 gets the remastering treatment for the Alaska discog-hungry Junglists.
‘The Vortex’ was an early Renegade Recordings title that sat between the likes of fellow renegade’s Shogun and Future Engineers.
Atmospheric gated-pads, Bleeps and Harps collide with heavy Amen breaks that typify the 1997 ambient era. We are proud to give The Vortex a new lease of vinyl-life.

Track Listing

a. Hold On
b. Vortex