Film Noir [Horizons Music vinyl]

Enchanter (limited 12")
Horizons Music
Cat: HZN 090
Drum And Bass
Dabs & Nymfo - "Enchanter" (4:33)
Dabs - "Thematic" (5:47)

Hydro & War / Hydro & Kolectiv ‘Film Noir / Mistrust’ [HZN089]

Hydro & War have already had a 12” on Inside recordings, the Horizons offshoot label which was entitled “Black light”.
That 12” was so well received, the duo were invited to compose music for Horizons. This is the first single, and see’s Hydro & War go back to black with “Film Noir” a shuffling soundtrack with juxtapose samples and throbbing bass. 
The flip “Mistrust” is an edgy number, unease, uncertainty, but a panache for detail. 
One thing is clear, Hydro, Horizons and his “collective” are ones to watch.. 

Track Listing

Film Noir