Everything Anything EP (Integral vinyl)

Satl ‘Everything Anything’ EP
Drum & Bass
12” INT044 (Integral Records)
Release number 044 sees the much anticipated return of Satl with his first solo EP for Integral. One of the scene’s fastest rising stars, our resident soulster delivers 5 stunning tracks for his “Everything Anything EP”. Opening with the title track ’Everything Anything’, this heart-felt musical masterpiece is a full-blown molten liquid affair. Driven by soulful piano melodies, warm and fuzzy bass grooves, a dreamy vocal hook and filtered adlibs; this one is instant aural pleasure.
Up next, ‘Dreamworld’ takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey into the deep. Enriched with hypnotic low end bass and sparkling euphoric hooks, this stunning track has heaven’s scent. On the flip side, Satl goes on an even deeper showcase. The minimal and detroit-infused dub bass of Overthinking’ is proper dancefloor soul business for the underground. Warm, yet slightly sinister pads marry perfectly with lucid synth layering that peak at the blissful breakdown.
Wrapping up an immense vinyl output is the cutting edge, clinical flavours of ‘The Void’. Another deep roller fulfilled with techno-infused drums and bass, stealthy attitude and the soulfulest of vocal to boot.

Track Listing

1. "Everything Anything" (4:33)
2. "Dreamworld" (5:37)
1. "Overthinking" (5:15)
2. "The Void" (5:03)