linden, blocks & escher

* The EPs’ A-side opens with tense strings and unsettling atmospherics conjuring images of a desolate alien landscape. Following the introduction of weighty drums a snarling bass emerges abruptly. The call of this initial drone is soon answered and the bass elements continue to evolve as the track progresses. Tight percussion and detailed hi-hat sequences keep the tracks rhythm section interesting whilst unpredictable bass edits catch the listener off guard. Eventually the Lights over iO dissolves into a lush breakdown giving this aggressive track a brief moment of serenity before the second drop.
* Aurora sees Linden & Blocks making an excursion from the overall mood of the EP, encompassing a more organic palette of sounds. A light, snappy break allows a sea of warm pads, vocals and textures to take the forefront in the mix held together by an understated double bass. Again the duo pays close attention to detail with intricate drum sequencing and edits. Despite lasting just over four minutes Aurora covers a lot of ground taking the listener on a journey though an array of lush textures and moods.
* Queen of my Empire entices the listener with an enchanting flute section. Over the course of the track the duo weave shards of reece bass amongst the classic techstep break. The eastern theme continues as sparse gongs and flutes are introduced into the arrangement. The breakdown again showcases Linden & Blocks’ ability to weave ambient soundscapes into the tech drum and bass template. The second drop sees a new bass arrangement and the introduction of further bass elements helping to hold the listeners interest.
* An introductory sequence reminiscent of Matrix’s’ seminal sleepwalk LP lures the listener towards the drop. Initially the arrangement is sparse allowing the weight of the bassline to stomp amidst the chunky drumtrack. After 16 bars the hi cut filters open revealing the growling mid range of the bassline. Additional percussion injects pace into the track. An array of samples and detuned bongos give Funbox a quirky characteristic making this an altogether more light-hearted offering to conclude the EP.