Dreamthief 4


The Dream Thief series from Horizons Music has already seen three spectacular releases, with music from a very real who’s who of contemporary, leading edge drum & bass. The phenomenal fourth instalment is no different, with a total of twelve tracks across three different formats. Horizons’ reputation for finding music which is that little bit different, that little bit special, will be enhanced by the album, which presents the full range of drum & bass in 2013.

The album will be proceeded by a double pack vinyl sampler, which includes the first four tracks. Warning Signs by Need For Mirrors is a warm, flowing intro, and Eveson takes you across the Cosmos before NickBee and MC Fava ask the Same Questions. The first part of the collection, which is also available in its entirety on the CD format, is closed by Nitri and Release's spellbinding In Forrest, featuring Lyndsey Murray. This track sums up exactly why Dream Thief is such an amazing series, and why volume 4 is the best to date.

A four-piece vinyl pack will be released to cover the remaining eight tracks. Amoss team up with MCJC on the deep, menacing Bleed It, whilst The Invaderz continue in that flowing yet intimate territory on Quo Vardis, which picks up the pace to become a towering roller of a track. You won’t want to be Trading Places with anyone on DLR’s track, which blends some old skool sensibilities with a resolutely modern take on the sound.

Horizons, as ever, has gathered together a selection of the finest names in the scene. Utopia Music’s Mako comes correct with the devastating Hungry For Lies, which is followed by The Shield, from Gremlinz & Rumbleton, an otherworldly chunk of spacey, dub-influenced goodness.

The last three tracks readily demonstrate quite why Dream Thief 4 is such essential listening. Detail’s Human Trust is an intricately detailed vision of a nightmarish future world, whilst Naibu’s Comfort Zone manages to combine warming, human sounds with an electronic pulse. Hydro and Instant close Dream Thief with the epic Sanctity, which draws together the themes and sounds of the record to a fitting end.

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