Dreamthief 2


* Things are definitely heating up this summer and we here at HORIZONS MUSIC are pleased to bring you the second installment in the 'DREAMTHIEF' compilation series. Offering a full palette of flavors, 'DREAMTHIEF 2' culls cutting edge productions from an assortment of top-tier artists.
* Man of the moment DATA kicks things off with the deadly sounds of "FORMLESS," and we're soon entangled in the gnarling bassline of SPINLINE's "DYSLEXIA." We dive straight into the deep atmospherics of AMOSS' "CRANIUM" and "WE ALL GROW." HYDRO + HALOGENIX's "HALCYON DAZE" gives a glimpse of funk from the not too-distant future. We're transported thru time to robotic lands with TRIAD + SYNTH SENSE's expertly crafted "PAST PRESENT FUTURE." Production stalwarts CAUSE 4 CONCERN step up with the entrancing roller "UNDER FOREVER." GENOTYPE offers the low-end theory of "BASS FIGHT." Super duo NEED FOR MIRRORS dirties things up nicely with "VANQUISH." JUBEI reports for remix duty with his excellent take on JUNE MILLER's "DROWNING MAN." Veteran badman SKITTY rolls it out smoothly with "FIND A WAY." LINDEN adds the hypnotic vocal-fueled "LETTING GO," and EVESON joins the action for this edition with the cool and sublime "COLD HEART."
* With each artist expertly offering their signature diverse sounds to round out yet another exciting document, 'DREAMTHIEF 2' truly covers all ends of the sonic spectrum in fine fashion. As we continue to progress and cultivate the select stable of artists in the HORIZONS MUSIC camp, we're proud to unleash this document of fresh sounds for the dancefloor and beyond…….
* Support from: Total Science, Digital, Loxy, Doc Scott, Nu:Tone amongst many others

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