Dark Reference EP (Foundation vinyl)

Djinn - Dark Reference EP

a1. Nine Grounds
a2. Destructive Consequence
b1. Dark Reference
b2. Pressure
Foundation X is proud to present the eagerly awaited first full 12" EP from Djinn; four deadly jungle tracks that display exactly why the female Mancunian artist has become a part of the FDX family. Djinn’s ability to weave together dark atmospherics and rumbling subs with the toughest breakwork and is second to none; with a heavy nod to the 90’s sound, satisfying both the dance and underground breakbeat science enthusiasts . . .
NINE GROUNDS – Haunting deep intro pads build to a tectonic 10 tonne drop of militant switching breaks featuring detailed edits and soundclash vocals sitting over a sweeping sub-low bassline reminiscent of a moody ’95 rave.
DESTRUCTIVE CONSEQUENCE – Off-key notes & a rolling break build the vibes deceptively tame over subtle sub-zero bass throughout, pausing for a dark cinematic breakdown before signing off with a rollout of heavyweight raw amenism.
DARK REFERENCE – Diced up stepping breaks laced with Mentasms layered over building atmospherics & deep FX progressing through to a devastating drop of dark chords teased with heavy amen cuts and suspended strings.
PRESSURE – Finally committed to wax! Long awaited track ‘Pressure’ closes the E.P.‘s deadly theme, progressing with sinister harmonies before reaching critical levels & maintaining heavy, relentless drumwork fully to the end.
“Djinn’s true skill lies in her masterful handling of contrast; while her breaks are unfathomably tough, slamming home with pinpoint precision but the force of a 10-tonne jackhammer, they sit within eerie, cavernous atmospheres that cause the senses to sharpen to the intricacies at play. . . . It’s clear Djinn is a name we’ll be hearing for a long time to come” - DJ Mag, 2017
DJ support from SB81, DJ Stretch, Nucleus, Mantra, DJ Monita, Trax, and more...

Track Listing

Nine Grounds
Destructive Consequence
Dark Reference