Another Way LP (Symmetry vinyl)

Break - Another Way LP [2 x 12"]
Label: Symmetry Recordings
Cat No: SYMMLP007
Format: 2 x 12" LP
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One of the true patriarchs of modern day jungle drum & bass Break, delivers his fifth studio album, ‘Another Way’. Drawing from a rich array of musical influences Charlie Bierman pulls us through a spectrum of styles as he sets about showing us exactly why he’s the only producer ever to be asked to remix Dillinja. From the minimal jazz leanings of opening track ‘Last Goodbye’ to the enchanted dub of ‘Conversations’ and the pure dance floor of ‘Keepin’ It Raw’, Break’s ability to combine with the enormous vocals of regular collaborators Celestine, Kyo and MC Fats with other legendary mic men GQ andClevelend Watkiss sets the LP truly apart; a tour de force of 2018 drum & bass.
“The aim with this album was to explore many of my favourite aspects of drum & bass, and create tracks that work equally in the club, at home or on the go. The contributions from all the talented artists involved really helped to lift the project up to another level. It’s a great way to finish off my year, enjoy!” Break 2018
Album Of The Month – Mixmag
“Fire!” Dillinja
“Support from me” Sir David Rodigan
“Like the postman, Break always delivers...” Cyantific 
“Always quality, 10/10” Sub Focus

Track Listing

a1. Break - Last Goodbye ft. Celestine
a2. Break - Keepin It Raw
a3. Break - Whispers In My Ear ft. MC GQ
b1. Break & Kyo - Jungle Desire
b2. Break & Total Science - Dog's Dinner
b3. Break - Conversations ft. MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss
c1. Break & DLR - City Slickers
c2. Break & Kyo - The Edge Of Time
c3. Break - Sunset Dub
d1. Break - Time To Fly
d2. Break - Looking For That
d3. Break - Take Me Away