The General EP (Rua sounds vinyl)

The General EP
Touchy Subject
Release: 15TH MARCH 2019
Label: Rua Sound
Genre: Electronica/Dance
Rua Sound is pleased to announce we are back in action for of 2019, and a welcome return to the label of Touchy Subject, coming in fresh from his Aurora D Raynes project with Dan Dans K in 2018.
Support from Tom Ravenscroft and Giles Peterson.
The go-to producers for cosmic, rootsy takes on up-tempo 160-170 bass music, Touchy Subject's second four-track 12" on Rua ups the ambition and knocks it so far out of the park its broken windows in the next parish across.
The General EP veers wildly between belligerent, funky takes on dusty 90's boom-bapàla DJ Shadow on "Shudder" and 'Turnt Up', cavernous soundsystem workouts on "Seek and Find", and the febrile halftime (just) jungle (barely) title-track "General" bringing the emotive goosebump vibes.
This is soundsystem music par excellence; cerebral, heady, and rousing.
We apologise profusely to those of you whose resolutions for 2019 involved losing weight, but this is our fattest releases yet.

Track Listing

1 The General
2 Seek & Find
3 Shudder
4 Turnt Up (feat. I-Mandala)